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Public links

Public links are links created to a specific app that can be access by anyone with the link, even without being registered or connected to RPGM Server. This is mainly used for making small public apps or if you don't need authentication in an intranet environment.

Instances created with a public link will terminated as soon as the user quits the page (or if some resources management settings terminates the instance).


Only administrators can create a public link. To create one:

  1. Go into the details page of an app ;
  2. Click on the public links section on the left ;
  3. Click Create on top of the page.

Creating a link

In this modal:

  • You have to set an URL for the link. The app will then be accessible with https://domain/a/YOUR_URL ;
  • You can set an expiration date after which the link will no longer work.


Please note that a public link can only start the default version of an app.


You can list all public links for an app in the Public links section of an app details page. Alternatively, you can go in the Administration Panel ang then Apps, Public links to see all the public links created on the server. Clicking on a public link will redirect you to a page containing all the link informations.

Link details page

On the top of the page:

  • You can see and copy the final link to share that will redirect to the app ;
  • You can edit the link with the Edit button. This will show a form like the one to create a new link ;
  • You can delete the link.

The next section, Details, will show the most common information about your link like the status, the expiration date and the app of the link.

The Stats section shows how much instances were started with this link. You can edit the date range on the right and click on Update graph to update the chart. Download as CSV will download the current date range data as CSV format to import in Excel or other softwares.

Finally, the History section shows every changes made to the link.