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CLI Commands

Executing rpgm-server without any additional parameters will normally start the server as expected.

Additionally, some parameters can modify RPGM Server. You can see all the parameters with rpgm-server -h:

RPGM Server v2.8.0

    command [options]

  Default command is server.

  Available commands: 
    admin-create       Adds or changes the password for an administrator.
    backup             Creates a new backup.
    config-wizard      Runs the configuration wizard to edit the configuration file.
    diagnostics        Performs some diagnostics.
    help               Displays this help.
    server             Starts RPGM server in foreground.
    service-install    Installs a service on the system for running RPGM Server in the background.
    service-start      Starts the RPGM server service.
    service-stop       Stops the RPGM server service.
    service-uninstall  Removes the RPGM server service from the system.
    version            Shows the RPGM server version.

  Backup options:
    --all              Save everything (apps and user files).
    --apps             Save PGM apps.
    --files            Save user files.


The service-* commands only work on Windows for now.