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Add and Manage Apps

This page covers the apps management in RPGM Server.

Add an App

If your user role allows it, you can add a new app by clicking on the Add program button in the dashboard:

Add program button

A new modal will show in which you can either click to select file or just drag and drop files from your computer on it:

Add program dialog

You can select one or multiple .pgm app files. After selecting your files, click on close and the new apps will appears on the main app listing.

Details, Update and Delete

In the dashboard listing, an app appears like this:

App example

It contains several information about the app:

  • The name of the app ;
  • A generated avatar using the name of the app ;
  • The version of the app as written in the last changelog line in the project file ;
  • The list of the reason why you have access to the app. In the example above, the user can execute the app because he is the owner and because he belongs to the PGM Solutions team which has access to the app ;

By clicking on the ... button below the main button, several options appears:

App options button

  • The Details button will open a dialog with more information about the selected app ;
  • The Permissions will open the permission dialog of the app. More details on the Apps Permission guide ;
  • The Update app button will prompt for a file selection. This will replace the old .pgm file on the server by a new one, keeping all permission to the app the same as before.
  • The Delete will, after a confirmation modal, delete the app.


If you only have an execute access to an app, the permissions, update and delete buttons will not appear.

Details Dialog

The details dialog contains some information:

App details dialog

  • The name ;
  • The latest version as written in the changelog ;
  • The company name ;
  • The description ;
  • The user who uploaded the app to the RPGM Server ;
  • All changelog entries.

Inside an App

Please refer to the RPGM Client documentation, as everything is similar. The only difference is that the menu is accessible by clicking on your name on the top right corner: App Menu

  • Terminal is like in RPGM Client, it will show the R output and app errors ;
  • Restart will restart the app ;
  • Quit will abort and close the app instance.

Unavailable features

Other RPGM Client options like Save RData or Show Output Folder are not available in RPGM Server.


Please note that the R console is available only in read mode in RPGM Server. You cannot type R commands, except for Administrators.