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Managing Users

List All Users

All users are listed in the users page: Users listing

For each user, the line shows:

  • The generated avatar of the user ;
  • The name of the user with an icon depending on its User Role ;
  • The email of the user ;
  • A button with two options: Edit or Delete.

Creating a User

By clicking on the Create new user button, a new dialog appears: Adding a user

The dialog is pretty straightforward. Notify user with an email will send an email to the user with his password.


Notify user with an email only works if SMTP settings are correctly configured.

Editing a User

When clicking on Edit from the context menu of a user, a new page appears with all the user information which can be modified: Editing a user

Pending Users

If you set the registration mode of the server to Administrator approval (see User Registrations page), all users waiting for an administrator approval will be listed here.

Pending Users

An administrator can either click on Accept or Delete for finishing the registration of the user or for deleting its account.