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Configuration file

The config.yml file in the root directory of RPGM Server contains some settings for the server. Any changes need RPGM Server to be restarted.


Setting Description
port The HTTP port of the server. 80 is the default HTTP port.
root The root URL of your server.
https true if you want HTTPS to be active.
httpsPort HTTPS port of the server. 443 is the default HTTPS port.
httpsKey Path to the key file of the HTTPS certificate.
httpsCert Path to the certificate for HTTPS.
authAzureAD Set to true if you want Azure AD Authentification.
authAzureADClientID The client ID of your Azure AD App.
authAzureADClientSecret The secret key of your Azure AD App.
authAzureADResource Resource of your Azure AD App. Can be empty.
authAzureADTenant The tenant name of your Azure AD App. Generally in the format.
authAzureADCommonEndpoint true if you want to use the generic, multi-domain Azure login page. Generally set to false.

Root URL

The root URL setting might be a domain name like or an IP like, without ending /.

  • If the port is different than 80, append the port to the url separated with a :. For example:
  • Finally, if you have enabled HTTPS, don't forget to put https instead of http.

HTTPS Parameters

See our guide on how to enable HTTPS.

How to Edit config.yml


The easiest way is to use the nano tool:

# nano /opt/rpgmserver/config.yml
$ sudo nano /opt/rpgmserver/config.yml


Go to the RPGM Server folder and right click on config.yml and choose Open or Open with....

If the file does not open in notepad or another text editing software, choose Open with.... Select Notepad:

Explorer context menu

Selecting notepad for opening the file

When the file is open, change the settings according to the above sections.