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Managing Teams

RPGM Server can create teams for making permissions easier. A team is a group of users, each with an associated access that can be reused when an app use the Inherit from goup access type.

Create a Team

Go to the Admin panel in Users -> Teams and click on the Create new team button:

Create team button

A new dialog appears:

Create team dialog

Here you can:

  • Choose a name ;
  • Choose a color ;
  • See how the name and color will be displayed on the different sections of RPGM Server.

Once done, click on Create.

Edit a Team and its Members

Each created team will appears like this in the page:

Team listing

  • The Members button will show a dialog for member permissions. This dialog is identical to the App Permission dialog, and please refer to this page for more information.
  • The black button with a pencil will open a dialog for editing the team, which is identical to the dialog for creating a team.
  • The red trash button is for deleting the team.