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Packages Management

RCode comes with a package manager which can:

  • Install packages with a full search on CRAN/PyPI ;
  • Update packages ;
  • Load and unload packages from the menu (R only) ;
  • Save and load a pip freeze (Python only).

The installed packages are displayed in a list which can be filtered.



Install and Uninstall Packages

The on the top right opens the install manager.



Use the search menu, and click on the package(s) you want to install. Then, click on Install this/N package(s) will install it/them. You can see the official webpage of the package on the CRAN for R and on PyPI for Python with the button displayed on the right. For R, with the button Install from .zip or .tar.gz you also can install it manually with a local archive file.

They are downloaded from the official repository and installed, with all necessary dependencies.

Uninstalling a package can be done from the list of installed packages with a right click, then Uninstall.

Update a Package

With the cog on the right of any package in the list, you can update it.

R - Update All Packages

For R, the up arrow on the top right opens a update manager to update several (or all) packages at the same time.


You can manually select packages. A Select all button can select all packages. Then click on the Update N packages button to proceed.

R - Load and Unload Packages

The loaded packages in the list appear with a 🔌 symbol. A double click on the package loads or unloads it depending on its state. This can also be done with a right click then Load in R or Unload in R.

Python - Pip Freeze

You can export the version of all your packages with the ❄️ button in a standard .txt file. You can share this file and load it later the button on the right Install packages from requirements file.