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History panel

The history keeps in memory every entry to the console.



Each line contains the executed R or Python code, which can be in red if an error occured. If you use both languages at the same time: a dot is colored on the left according to the language. The execution time is displayed on the right (in green if below 1s, red else), or the executing... label if the line is currently executing.

Each line has a cog button with the following options:

  • Copy copies the line in the clipboard ;
  • Send to current script copies the line in the currently opened script ;
  • Send to console executes the line in the corresponding R / Python console ;
  • Remove from history removes the line from the history.

Finally, at the top menu, you can:

  • Search inside the history ;
  • Load an history file ;
  • Save the history ;
  • Clear the history.