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Getting Started with RCode

RCode is a full featured IDE for R and Python.


See the installation guide for installating RCode.

First launch

The first time you start RCode, you will be asked for the language(s) you will work with.


This choice will only affect the options and panels displayed in RCode. If you choose:

  • R only: the R console will be open and you will only have the options associated to R.
  • Python only: the same as above but with Python.
  • R and Python: both consoles will be open by default and the options for both languages will be shown.

This can be changed after through the settings panel. The selected langage(s) (R and/or Python) should be detected in your computer and the corresponding console(s) displayed. If not, check the R/Python path through the settings. This documentation is for both languages.


In RCode, a project is simply a folder in your device. Create a new project or open an existing one. Now it's on!

As a full featured IDE, RCode provides:

  • An R/Python Editor for .R and .py files in which the scripts are written.
  • An Environment panel in which all variables are visible, and can be explored.
  • An History panel in which all R code lines sent to the R console are displayed, with the associated status (execution time, in execution or aborted).
  • A Packages manager in which the packages can be managed (installation, update, removal or loading-unloading).
  • A Search module which looks in the whole project, supports regex and can filter the files.
  • A Graph feature which generates a graph from plotly efficently, without any package.

RCode is also the software in which professional RPGM applications are developed.