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Widget Properties

These widget properties are used in functions like gui.setProperties().

Widget Properties List

These properties are generally available to all widgets:

Property Default Description
value "" The value of the widget.
isr FALSE If the value is an R expression.
css "" A list of CSS styles or a list of CSS class names.
margintop 10 The space over the widget in pixels.
labeltext "" The text of the label.
labelposition "left" The position of the label. Can be "left", "top", "topaligned" or "hidden".
helptext " The help text below the widget.
helpposition "bottom" The position of the help text. Can be "bottom" or "label".
required FALSE If the input is required.
onchange "" R Code to execute when the widget's value changed.
condition "" R condition when submitting the form.

Specific widgets properties


Property Default Description
onpress "" R code to execute when pressing the button.
buttonsize "md" The size of the button. Can be "sm", "md", "lg" or "fw".
buttondesign "primary" The style of the button. Can be "primary", "secondary", "success", "info", "warning", "danger", "light" or "dark".


Property Default Description
columnswidths c(4, 4, 4) The widths of each columns.
columnspadding 10 The padding between each columns.


Property Default Description
graphtitle ""
graphx ""
graphy ""


Property Default Description
forcesort FALSE Added in v3.0.60 Force column sorting client side. DANGER! This can lead to several bugs and MUST ONLY BE USED ON READONLY grids.
gridcolumns "" The columns headers.
gridnbcolumns "" The number of columns.
gridnbrows "" The number of rows.
gridrows "" The rows headers.
gridtype "text" The type of the grid. Can be "text", "integer", "float" or "checkbox".
readonly FALSE Added in v3.0.60 Disable sending back grid data after submit. Can be used for big data for preventing lags.


Property Default Description
fontsize 14 The size of the font in widget.
fontfamily "default" The family of the font.
fontcolor "#000000" The color of the font.


Property Default Description
boxdesign "light" The style of the list. Can be "primary", "secondary", "success", "info", "warning", "danger", "light" or "dark".
boxheader "" The list header.


Property Default Description
min "" The minimal value allowed.
max "" The maximal value allowed.
step "" The step between each value.


Property Default Description
progresscolor "#27ae60" The color of the progress bar or circle.
progressdescription "%" The text of the progress bar or circle.

R Repeaters

Property Default Description
intervalcode "" The R Code to execute.
intervaltime 1000 The interval in ms between each R execution.


Property Default Description
tabsnames [] The name of the tabs.
tabscurrent 1 The currently selected tab index.