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RPGM Documentation

RPGM executes RPGM applications developed with RCode. RPGM works as a standalone software. The developpers make the PGM apps in RCode in an RPGM project.

PGM Apps

An PGM app is composed of several files:


To start with the developement of RPGM apps, several tutorials are available:

  • Getting started: this tutorial explains the main mechanisms of a PGM app.
  • Dynamism & Layout: this tutorial will teach how to create better PGM apps, by showing how to make them more dynamic (a modification of a widget or a click on a button can update the current interface). Moreover, the layout widgets are introduced.
  • Plotly: a tutorial dedicated to the graph widget.
  • Styling with CSS: a simplifed language for styling every widget or graphical user interfaces with (almost) no limit. Can be used in several ways in RPGM, explained through the tutorial.


A PGM app can be built with no code for the graphical user interfaces. However, a full API is provided in order to make them more dynamic, to create Excel outputs or to access to the CSS properties of the app.