RPGM 2.0 Docs

Sequence editor (.pseq files)


The Sequence Editor or Sequencer edits a sequence file, which determines an order of R scripts, GUIs and reports to be executed in the Client.
The buttons on the left will add new steps in the Sequence when pressed.

Steps can also be added by drag and dropping a pseq/pgui/R/prep file from the File Explorer in the Sequence Editor. Steps can be freely moved with the mouse and clicking on a step will show its properties on the right.
Steps can be deleted by pressing the Remove button or by pressing the DEL key when selected.

For each steps, the filled dots are the output, and determines the flow of the sequence and should point to the next step to execute. Empty circles are the entrance point of the step. You can connect output to input by drag and dropping. To delete a connection, select it by clicking on it and press the DEL key of the keyboard.

Step properties

Each step have two properties:

  • Unique ID is a unique identifier for the step in the sequence
  • Name in Client is the name of the Step in the Client’s left sidebar during the execution of the program

Some steps also have some special properties:

  • File: For GUIs, Reports, Sequences and Scripts. Must point to the file to execute.
  • R Condition: For R Conditions. Enter some R code. If the code returns TRUE, the Sequence will execute the next step from the True output of the Step, and the step connected to the False output if the code returns FALSE.