RPGM 2.0 Docs

Project settings (.ppro files)

Project properties

The project editor holds all the properties of the project.

  • Project name is the name of the project as it will be displayed in the Client
  • Company name is the creator of the project
  • Program description is a short description of the program. At the moment, it is not displayed in the Client
  • First sequence is the main Sequence file of the program. This field is required
  • List in Client is for showing or hiding the left sidebar with the Sequence’s steps in the Client
  • Top logo is an image file (.png, .jpg, .bmp) of a logo which will be displayed in the top bar of the Client during the program’s execution
  • History and changelog is a convenient table for developers to keep track of the program’s changes. The last version and the last date are shown in the Client listing.