RPGM 2.0 Docs

Getting started

How it works

RPGM is separated into two softwares: the Editor and the Client.
The Editor is a complete IDE software, used by R developers, for creating pgm files. Those pgm programs can then be loaded in the Client, which is aimed to be used by everyone and simply executes the program and hides all the R / LaTeX layers to the user.


PGM Programs (.pgm files)

A pgm file is a complete program which contains sequences (.pseq), some R scripts (.R), graphical interfaces (.pgui), reports (.prep) and any other custom files (.csv, .png, .Rdata, …). There is also a ppro file, which holds all the parameters of the program, like the first sequence to execute. The sequence files define in which order R scripts, GUIs and reports will be executed.

Getting help

In the Editor, you can access a contextual help from anywhere by pressing the F1 key. If you are in the Sequence Editor, it will show its help page, and if you are coding a R script, it will show the R documentation of the function your cursor is on.


Term Definition
Program A program is the resulting pgm file after exporting a project from the editor, and which can be executed in the Client.
Editor The rpgm-editor.exe software which can create and edit projects, and can generate programs.
Client The rpgm.exe software which can list and run programs.
Final user The final user describes the person who will run your program on the client.
Sequence Each program consist of one or more sequences which will execute forms or scripts in a specific order.
Sequence Editor The component in the Editor which create and modify sequences.
Step A step is a GUI, a R script, a report or a R condition included in a sequence.
GUI or Form A form is a list of controls in which the final user can enter inputs.
GUI Builder The component in the Editor which can create and modify the widgets of a form.
Widgets or Fields Refers to the different editable inputs in a form, like a text area, a file chooser, a label, a drop-down list…
Script A R script running in the program.
Report editor The component in the Editor which can create and modify a report step.
Report element Refers to an element added to a report, like a title, a text or an image.
Web viewer Refers to the section in the editor where the documentation is shown.